The guys behind the magic :L

The guys behind the magic :L

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Editing decissions

We have spent the whole of today and yesterday editing our opening that we refilmed on tuesday after school. We have changed quite alot from our origional idea while we were shooting because we felt like we could improve what our origional idea was because there were materials on site that we could use that we didnt know we'd be able to do for example we decided to have George (customer 2) to be rooting through the draws in the upstairs of the salon while Colette (victim) is having her appointments, we decided to this because we wanted to make Georges character seem more mysterious and to show that he is quite a starnge character and maybe capable of the things Katie (the killer) will do to Colette also when we eventually do find out that Katie is the killer at the end it makes the audience wonder whats going to happen next as both characters appear to be capable of these things. We also decided to re-shoot our outside shots of George approaching the salon because we found it was too dark and it would be weird and a bit unrealistic if the salon was open at night. We decided to add in Katie cutting a letter open and slamming the scissors down in a pot to show her capabilities and signify violence of what is maybe to come later on in the opening. We had George pull out a notebook he found in Katies draw saying 'the good, the bad' that links in with the storyline.

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